Friday, July 03, 2009

Reactions, Responses, Etc

I see that not many of my millions of readers are responding to my posts with comments. I realize this could be because you are scared of appearing stupid. But be that as it may, not everybody (or actually, nobody) can be as great as I am. Just do your best. I'll try to be nice.

But as a way to encourage responses, I have added a "Reactions" area below each post for quick, anonymous, feedback. You can rank my posts as "Great", "Greater", or "Greatest". Or, if you feel it's an exceptionally great post you can mark all of the above. I suggest this for all posts, but it's really up to you.

Also, I have a "Followers" area to the right of my blog. It's a quick easy way for your name or blog to be associated with me, so get to it.

So now that I've given you peons an easy way to react to my greatness, I suggest you use it.

Now react.



Captain Awesome said...

Dave, it may be that other readers are in too much awe to think of something to say. Thankfully, my Awesomevision prevents me from being the same way. Don't think too badly of them.

Vordoholic said...

I dont know how i landed to you blog and this one captured my attention... good going keep it up i mus say