Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Levi Who??" And "Inferior Beings"

You may have noticed that the last post was signed by a certain Levi. Who is this?? I'm not sure. Apparently he hacked into my account. A certain person said that the great Dave would not let his account be hacked into. Well, if you noticed, this is not my blog service, it's Google's. Their fault.

I'm sorry for the confusion.

And one other thing. Where is Huntsville????????

Also, I was looking back over my posts, and I realized that I have become way to tolerant with you people. I believe my first post pretty much said it all, so I'm going to repost it.

Hello Inferior Beings, this is Dave Thompson, a.k.a Dave the Superior. This is the place for me to vent my feelings of rage at the rest of the insignificant population of this world.

Just yesterday, I was sitting around feeling better than everyone else, and my "friends"(so they call themselves) were wishing they were more like me, when I looked in the mirror and realized why I was so great. I'm going to put a picture up here to show you, but I'll have to blur it up so you won't go blind from the dazzling beauty.

My Greatness

Well, I could go on typing all day, due to my massive hand muscle strength, but I'm tired of sharing the workings of my enormous brain with you peons.