Friday, January 26, 2007

While We're Waiting

While we're waiting for our ships and planes to get done and the laser to be assembled, normal blog programming will resume.

So today, I decided I should probably get a job. You know be as incognito as possible while waiting to invade Antarctica.
So I applied to a few jobs. My talents are listed below.

1. Computer Programmer
I have been messing around with computers for years now, and I can make them preform any task by yelling at them(the better ones don't require me to raise my voice). This includes creating game engines with real time ray-tracing, models used in scientific experiments(IE, modeling explosions, collisions, fluid dynamics etc.)

2. Air-force Pilot
While I can't fly planes, I can look really cool in those masks they wear. I think this qualifies me.

3. Counselor
I'll make you feel better about yourself by showing you how you could never compare to me. No one could, so why feel depressed about it.

4. King
Any country wishing me to be their ruler, please send me your resume at my email address listed on my profile.

5. Anything
While I may not have that much experience in a job, I am Dave. Enough said.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Attack Plan

Ok. Here is the attack plan. The illustrations are below. Keep in mind though, that this came in a flash of inspiration, so it's a rough draft.

Note: In the illustrations, steps 3 and 4 should be swapped(4 should be step 3, 3 should be 4. Since I got this in a flash of inspiration, I wrote those wrong)

Step 1: Build and Deploy ships and planes.
As Antarctica is an island nation, we must use ships and planes. This will be a mostly hostile surprise attack, so we won't need many people. We just go in and take. We will need supplies to build the ships and planes. With my brain, I have secured these supplies and the ships and planes will be done in roughly a week. They will be deployed shortly there-after.

Step 2: Attack
Ok, as you can see below, we must take out the governmental buildings. As this is Antarctica, this is pretty easy. We then land and go on to the next step.

Step 3: Declare Davetopia as a sovereign nation.
Flag designs will be decided by a contest. The best design will win. The winner will get the satisfaction of knowing his design will be on Davetopia's flag.

Step 4: Melt the Ice(David Massie this is where you come in)
I love cold, but not that cold. I mean, so cold it doesn't snow. I mean, we need some way to melt that ice. Then we can have snow. Yay! So David, I need you to get me the materials I need to build this mirror or laser(whichever is easier). I also need to know the most efficient point to focus the light on. I also need you to convince your colleges that I am the rightful government of Antarctica. This is a big job. I'm counting on you. You have the title of Vice Tyrant.

Click the picture to enlarge in a new window.

P.S. I have gotten no emails to the email address I posted. I wonder if it's broken.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sorry, It's taken longer than expected to get a pardon from Canada and draw up my battle plans. I will have them soon.

Stay With Me

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Sorry, But Here's My Excuse

Just D rightly accused me of posting too few posts on here. However I do have an excuse.

You see, in my last post, I said that a decisive move against Canada would be taken on the 12th of January. Well, it was. I can't say where I am exactly, but let me just say that the enemies holding cell is not very comfy. THEY HAVE DIAL-UP FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!

However, I have agreed to be released under the condition that I don't' try to attack again, so I should be out of here in a few days. I will try to post everyday, or at least every other day from now on. I am sorry loyal fans.

Now I have to go plan my attack on Antarctica, so please excuse me while I draw out my battle plans. Tomorrow I'll scan them in and show them to all of ya'll. I know you can't wait.

Stay Sharp Antarciticanese, I'm coming for YOU!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm Back

I've been really sick and then I was very busy, and then I was even more busy, so I apologize for the absence.

Christmas was nice, so was New Years, I won't tell you much about them.

I have been assigned to a top secret mission by a top secret organization that we shall just say has to do with my previous post on Canada. I hope that this will not interfere with my postings.

Anyone in Canada should expect a brief power outage around midnight, January 12th. This will include your cable and DSL lines, although I'm not sure you have such things up there. See you soon(can't say why though). I'll update you on my progress as soon as I can.

P.S. I have put up the links section to my fans blogs/sites. If you would like me to put your link there, comment and tell me.