Friday, January 26, 2007

While We're Waiting

While we're waiting for our ships and planes to get done and the laser to be assembled, normal blog programming will resume.

So today, I decided I should probably get a job. You know be as incognito as possible while waiting to invade Antarctica.
So I applied to a few jobs. My talents are listed below.

1. Computer Programmer
I have been messing around with computers for years now, and I can make them preform any task by yelling at them(the better ones don't require me to raise my voice). This includes creating game engines with real time ray-tracing, models used in scientific experiments(IE, modeling explosions, collisions, fluid dynamics etc.)

2. Air-force Pilot
While I can't fly planes, I can look really cool in those masks they wear. I think this qualifies me.

3. Counselor
I'll make you feel better about yourself by showing you how you could never compare to me. No one could, so why feel depressed about it.

4. King
Any country wishing me to be their ruler, please send me your resume at my email address listed on my profile.

5. Anything
While I may not have that much experience in a job, I am Dave. Enough said.