Monday, May 29, 2006

The Universe

Now to tell you more about my thinking. I am a humble man by nature, I never hurt anyone intentionally, and I don't think I've ever done something I didn't intend to do.

My thoughts on the universe go something like this. I think that the universe is not, as most physicist think, and ever expanding egg shaped object. Rather, it is about the size and shape of the CD-ROM that is not resting on my desk. The only difference between it and the universe, is that the universe is more like those new holographic disks they are just now starting to create. So really, all the universe is, is a reflection of the real universe. I won't go into my beliefs about what this means for humanity. The thing is, the universe is like a mirror that reflects more than light. It reflects feelings, pain, etc. So really, there is no difference between the real universe, and our one. Just as there is no difference between the person, and his reflection.

I got a phone call today from someone today. He started yelling at me, and I figured he loved me so much he couldn't control himself.


About the Butterknife

It appears that I have silenced the critic once and for all with my great logic and amazing tact. Nevertheless, I will do what I said, and post a picture of the engravings on the butterknife. A picture of the key to the ancient dialect is not possible since I solved it all in my head.

The Reverse Side of The Butterknife

As you can see, there is clearly writting on the reverse side. Later posts will no longer focus on critics of my past and such. They will focus again on my greatness and such.