Saturday, January 20, 2007


Sorry, It's taken longer than expected to get a pardon from Canada and draw up my battle plans. I will have them soon.

Stay With Me


davidpaulmassie said...

Dave- Brother, if you have a quality plan in the works, let me be the man on the ground for you (the "Mole" as it were). Part of the deal here at McMurdo is that they perform such a rigorous screening (FBI background check, pee test, etc.) beforehand that if you can somehow sneak in (disguised as a Skua, perhaps), everyone will assume you're legit. Very few doors are locked, and not the ones you'd think (the craftroom, for example). Keys left in vehicles, the works. My only request is that you leave the place in better condition than you found it (not too hard; the NSF talks a good game, but PR trumps environmental concerns, if you know what I mean). I'm your mole!

Just D said...

Geez Dave (from Antarctica).. I alert you to this threat to Antarctic security and you come and join up.