Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brallamese: Do They Exist?

Despite Deb's incapacity to give me a context for Brallama, I will tell you peons what Brallama means. As it has multiple definitions, I will give you the most well known.

Bra-llam-a \brə-'lä-mä\ n 1 : A mid-ranking priest in the Zoroastrian religion.

The reason you did not find this on Google is because Brallama is the sacred spelling of the word only known to very few. Not sure how you found it.

I will end this post with a little competition: The first person to find the common spelling of Brallama will get the knowledge that you are not quite as smart as me. That special person will also received a digitally autographed photo of me.

BTW: The language you called "gibberish" is my second language, D.A.V.E.idian. So I take offense to that statement.

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