Wednesday, June 21, 2006

To Europe or Bust!!

I decided today that I would like to take a trip to Europe. I figured that seeing the great arts and buildings of the past will help relieve the feeling that I am the only person great enough to understand the things that I do.

Anyway, the mail-truck deposited more envelopes and papers in the little box by the street today. One of them was again from "The Law Offices of James Dogooder"(see my post entitled What Happened Today for more on James Dogooder and my greatness). The letter was again written in cursive, and so, I could not read it. However, I will post it up so you all can see that it is obviously a tribute to my greatness.

I accidentally set fire to it, and then had to douse it to put out the flames, so it's a little smudged, but I'm sure you can make it out(click on it to get a larger version).


Your Greatest Fan said...

Wow, Dave........ looks like you may be in some serious trouble here. I have taken it upon myself (as your greatest fan) to decipher the message on the burnt-up letter you showed and I have come up with the following:
"Dear Mr. Thompson,
By not responding to any of our previous (illegible), to remove the (illegible) content from (illegible) (illegible), you have forced us to take (illegible) action against (illegible)."

From then on most of the body of the letter is smudged and burned, but I have managed to decipher these words amidst the illegibles:

"said....always.....reason....have....over and over again....The Law....ordinary"
If there is anything else I can do, feel free to let me know.

Your Greatest Fan.

dvs fn woo s anry said...

Hey, dve!

The can su U, U'r 2 cool t ge sud! Jus give mE d word, dve, and il go n kill jams dogder or wtever an he ovisly dont kno dat u r dve! i m sooo md nou!

-dvs fn woo s anry