Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Am Not In Denial

I deny the following:

1. That I was ever summoned to court.
2. That I was ever arrested.
3. That I ever went to jail(this sort of goes with the last one).
4. That I have ever read Harry Potter books.
5. That I have ever plucked my nose hair(what are cordless nose hair trimmers for).

I also utterly deny that I posted the previous two posts. In fact I deny that they are even there. In fact I deny that I ever denied them. I also deny the denial of my denial. I deny that too.

The denied posts must have been written by a hater of me. I won though, so ha!(I deny I just typed that).

If we follow this logical string of denials back up the line, we will arrive finally at the denial of everything. From there we go to "I do not think, therefore, I do not exist."

Using multi-variable differential calculus, we can express this statement with the following equation.


From this, we can surmise: I think, therefore, I am.(We can also surmise E=MC^2, but we won't go into that.)


Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

Anonymous said...
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Captain Awesome said...

I deny you, Dave